DesktopX 3.96

Customizes the functionality and aesthetic appearance of Windows desktops

Use gadgets, widgets, and objects to modify the way your operating system looks like and extend its functionality. Create your own widgets using a set of predefined items and completely customize your Windows environment.

Object oriented windows desktop is possible through DesktopX software which makes it a powerful tool by attracting the users with its interactive features. It also supports most of the desktop contents. The software also provides one to create the desktops according to their taste and preference. The desktop screen serves as an inspiration for a person to work on once they login into the system, in that way DesktopX serves as an attractive feature to install in ones personal computer. Better access to desktop objects is available to the user making them user-friendly. The desktop objects can be in all sizes and shapes. The DesktopX environment objects can be live data or images.

DesktopX objects can be exported as widgets which run on their own memory space. This feature ensures minimum system resource utilization. Custom desktop themes can be created using this software. The installation of additional files and run time are not required for this software due to the presence of gadgets. Powerful and creative widgets can be created through DesktopX. The other features supported by the DesktopX widgets include weather forecasts, system metering and information, virtual notepad etc.

Manoj Goel
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Review summary


  • User-friendly
  • Very interactive supported by excellent features
  • Low memory usage
  • Presence of features like weather forecasts etc. comes in handy
  • Its features have a lot of variety and flexibility


  • Requires a minimum RAM size of 256MB
  • Operates only on certain Windows platforms
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